game mechanics

From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 20:12:05 EEST

for those of you interested in the mechanics:
(the rest just scroll on by) :)

I have extensively revised my formerly unworkable notes on the House
Rules combat system. Its a mix of Stormbringer/RQ designed to
simplify and speed up heroic combat without losing the buzz

The House Rules Spirit Combat has been slightly revised and now also
contains an adaptation for including POW challenges in this system
(this is designed to allow for skills increasing over experience and
could be called psychic combat - also designed to be quick and user

Resurrection - definately not the definitive Gloranthan Truth,
however if you want to have the occasional big R in your game
available to PCs, there's some good pointers here

Notes NOT from Nochet - there's another one now, about HeroQuesting
(ideas stolen from and credited to - S Phipp, R Develyn, S Hibbs, J
Lord and N Brooke)

NOT recently revised but worth a mention:
House Chaos Features
House Chaos Disfigurements - for those who would not otherwise have a
visible Chaos taint
Boggles - the Critter write up (everything you were afraid to ask)


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