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Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 11:49:30 EEST

Thank you all for all the thoughts on changing myths.

I think the satement which resonated most with my own thoughts was this
one from Simon Phipp:

>Not at all. If the Quest succeeded and Basmol was proven not to have
>been killed, the future generations of Basmoli would look back at
>their ancestors and say "It is a shame that our ancestors spent their
>lives thinking that Basmol had been killed. We are lucky that we
>found out that he was not killed and that he is with us." In the far
>future, they may well forget that Basmol was ever thought to have
>been killed. If the Basmol escapes Tada Quest became super-dominant
>then people would be amazed that anyone tried to perform the Tada
>kills Basmol Quest as it was doomed to failure so why bother.

Moving on:

Apart from HQ, what is your opinion on how people in _normal_ Glorantha
interact with the Hero Plane. In particular:

1) When you worship, do you _see_ the myths? If someone was HQing in the
myth you're looking at, would you _see_ them?

2) Again when you worship, do you affect the myths? One person alone
ain't going to do much, but imagine a clan who arrive at their favourite
watering hole and find it polluted. Through their combined worship for
help and inspiration, do they manifest a putrid watering hole in the
Hero Plane, ready for someone to HQ to sort out?

3) Could you ever come across someone HQing in _normal_ Glorantha? If
the myth they're HQing in involves some place which exists now, would
you see them at it if you were there in person? Would you be sucked into
the Hero Plane?

4) If someone HQs a myth which represents something which happened in
the past in _normal_ Glorantha, could they change history or geography?
If someone entered the Waha kills Basmol myth and, to be a little less
drastic, changes the nature of the fight so that Basmol spills little or
no blood, what would happen to the crystals which were formed from that
blood - would they cease to exist?


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