Chalana Arroy Sorcerers.

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 12:51:46 EEST

From: Julian Lord :

>>There are sorcerers among the Orlanthi?
>RoC p.169: "Initiates of Chalana Arroy may become shamans
> or even sorcerors, ..."
>And that's just one example. Yes, there are sorcerors =
>among the Orlanthi. We should remember that they haven't
>been presented yet mainly because RQ3 sorcery stinks.

I don't see how this is evidence for a network of Chalana Arroy
sorcerers all over Dragon pass. Just because they _may_even_ learn
sorcery, that doesn't mean any of them actualy get an opportunity to do

I can beleive there are some in Heortland, Esrolia and Wenelia, which
are known to have Malkioni influence, but I think there would be a
strong tendency for healers to stick with their own cult's magic. Apasrt
from anything else, the only Malkioni sect that get any magical healing
even remotely as good as the theist stuff are the Rokari.

Simon Hibbs


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