Crimson Bat/Saints and Solace

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Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 17:57:16 EEST


Mikko Rintasaari writes:

>With all due respect to Mr. Rowe, I don't see any reason to suspect
>The Bat would be illuminated. All descriptions and sources on the
>bat seem to indicate it is just a mindless demon. It is said it was
>originally a natural animal, but was corrupted by chaos during the
>War of Gods. I've seen no evidence that it was sapient before
>becoming chaotic, and certainly it isn't that now. The bat is just a
>beast, and illumination is something that only the keenest minds can

While I'm working on sketchy knowledge (I have no copy of the Bats
stats with me) but doesn't it have an INT of 10+ and not fixed? I
could be incorrect here, but I believe so.

I do think that the Bat is Illuminated, by the Red Goddess. But it
gets just one power - understands the difference between chaos and
law. The current information we have on Illumination states that not
all Illuminates have all the powers, and that more powers than those
described may exist. I don't think the Bats Illumination has a lot of
effect upon anything, no religious implications, a few spiritual
implications and certainly no game effects.



>>I believe that Saints also do not reside in Solace for the reason
>>that I believe Solace to be the unreachable and unprovable.
>I agree with unreachable (obviously), but not with
>unprovable. The mere fact that those in Solace cannot
>be reached is a sort of proof. But most of all, Malkion
>said Solace exists, and the word of the prophet is
>certainly proof to the Malkioni.

Of course, it is possible that the Theists are right. Those who
apparently go to Solace cannot be reached as they are gone. Forever.
With no God to save their souls they get sucked back into the
Nothingness they came from. Like Mostali do. I'm not saying this IS
what happens, just that it might.

This leads to an intresting question, Malkioni Chaotics seeking
Oblivion? Just a random thought...

Malkions "proof" is perfectly acceptable in the minds of the
Maklioni. I am sure that there is not a Malkioni alive who doubts the
existence of Solace and the IG. Of course, more oracular proof would
be impossible.

>>I feel that Malkioni are the only religion with true "faith".
>Back to the immanence then. I think the Invisible God
>is more immanent than this. GoG states that IG worship
>leaves the worshippers with the "knowledge" that their
>devotion has gone to the right place.

I always had the feeling that was a slightly ironic phrase : )

All IMHO, and I'm sorry if I'm wrong about the Bats INT : )

Nikk E.

Nikk Effingham

     "If absolute power corrupts absolutely
           Where does that leave God?"
                            -- George Daacon


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