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Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 20:59:14 EEST

Ian Thomson wondered

> who killed basmol in the most established myth then?

Orlanth, since he's the dominant god of Delela. Other parts of Ralios will
give you a different answer.

(Even in Prax, it's probably going to depend on who you ask.)

> 1) When you worship, do you _see_ the myths? If someone was HQing in the
> myth you're looking at, would you _see_ them?

You'd see the god.

> 2) Again when you worship, do you affect the myths?

Worship doesn't change myths.

Even adapting a myth doesn't really change it, merely create a new version.
To use your example below, if someone goes to kill Basmol equipped with a
giant sponge to soak up the blood, this makes a new myth, but doesn't
change the basic one.

> 3) Could you ever come across someone HQing in _normal_ Glorantha?

Very much so. Not all heroquests are on the Other Side. I believe the
relevant parts from Cults of Prax are on the Issaries web page (it's in one
of the Biturian Varosh stories).

Most of the quests we've run out here have been entirely or mostly on the
mundane plane (see Enclosure 1 for examples).

> 4) If someone HQs a myth which represents something which happened in
> the past in _normal_ Glorantha, could they change history or geography?
> If someone entered the Waha kills Basmol myth and, to be a little less
> drastic, changes the nature of the fight so that Basmol spills little or
> no blood, what would happen to the crystals which were formed from that
> blood - would they cease to exist?

I'm aware of only one thing that makes anything cease to exist, and that's
being devoured by Chaos.

You might make it harder to find magic crystals in the future at the
specific spot at which you killed Basmol in your heroquest.

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