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Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 20:23:27 EEST

Well, I'm not an expert on HeroQuesting, but I'll give this one a go, in the
hope that people can enlighten me where I'm wrong. To be honest, I get the
feeling that I don't understand HeroQuesting nearly as well now as I did
before I started reading the Digest - the more I read about it the more
confused I get and the less I feel I know...

Still, lets try:

Richard Develyn:

<< 1) When you worship, do you _see_ the myths?>>

Yes, if you're at least an initiate. A lay member sees a fair amount of it,
too, although it doesn't affect them as deeply. Somebody from another religion
just watching the worship simply sees a bunch of guys in funny costumes.

<< If someone was HQing in the myth you're looking at, would you _see_ them?>>

    If you're not a worshipper, yes. If you *are* a worshipper, you won't see
them, you'll see whoever they represent in the myth.
 <<2) Again when you worship, do you affect the myths?>>

    Not unless you're being 'supported', and even then, only for whoever's
supporting you. So if a clan does the 'Heler Ends The Drought' HeroQuest and
buggers it up, they're going to have a dry summer ahead - relative to their
neighbours. But the myth hasn't changed overall, so they'll stand more or less
the same chance of doing it properly next year as they normally would.

<< One person alone ain't going to do much, but imagine a clan who arrive at
their favourite watering hole and find it polluted. Through their combined
worship for help and inspiration, do they manifest a putrid watering hole in
the Hero Plane, ready for someone to HQ to sort out?>>

     I don't see why you'd need to. What you'll do is re-enact the 'Chalana
Arroy Cleans Up The Watering Hole' myth (or whatever) which will refer to some
generic putrid watering hole that's already out there in the HeroPlane. You
clean that out, and your watering hole becomes clean as well.
<< 3) Could you ever come across someone HQing in _normal_ Glorantha?>>

    Yes. There's a reference somewhere to somebody meeting Rurik in the
physical world while he's doing a HeroQuest. But it depends on the HQ and how
'deep' you want to go - in many quests you leave the mundane plane behind

<< If the myth they're HQing in involves some place which exists now, would
 you see them at it if you were there in person?>>

    Depends if *they* are there in person. You don't have to go to the place
where the myth is set to re-enact it (just as well for the Lightbringer Quest)
although it does help.

 <<Would you be sucked into the Hero Plane?>>

    You can be, I believe. 'Would be' is too strong.
 <<4) If someone HQs a myth which represents something which happened in the
past in _normal_ Glorantha, could they change history or geography?>>


<< If someone entered the Waha kills Basmol myth and, to be a little less
drastic, changes the nature of the fight so that Basmol spills little or no
blood, what would happen to the crystals which were formed from that blood -
would they cease to exist? >>

     Assuming that the myth is supported and so on, and becomes true for
everyone (difficult, but not in principle impossible), then the crystals will
stop working. But HeroQuesting is not time travel - it can't change the past.
When Naxili Garang made her botched attempt to end the Trollkin Curse,
multiple trollkin began to be born - existing trollkin didn't find they
suddenly had extra siblings. If she'd succeeded, trollkin would have stopped
being born, but history would not change and existing trollkin wouldn't pop
out of existence.

Now I'll just sit back and wait for everyone to explain where I'm wrong :-)

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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