RFC: Character Concept

From: Hibbs, Philip (philip.hibbs@tnt.co.uk)
Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 21:01:57 EEST

This is both RQ and Gloranthan, so I'm posting it to both lists.

I am interested in opinions/suggestions for a character concept. His name is
Max. All his characteristics are human maximum (18), but his skills are
forever frozen at base chance. Effectively, his ability to learn skills
stopped either with puberty or cult initiation. He may have been a magical
experiment (Kingdom of War?), a side-effect of a heroquest, or just a
magical accident.

Maybe his mother was posessed at the time of conception by a Mastery spirit,
and his father by a Stasis spirit.

Another quirk is that if his stats ever deviate from their normal level,
then his chance of fumbling any roll is doubled, and any rolls based purely
on that stat (eg. balance rolls for DEX) are considered to be one level of
success lower than the roll indicates.

Perhaps he can use a skill if he attempts to learn it in the normal way (50
hours, gain d6) and then uses the skill straight away - but loses the skill
almost immediately.

Maybe there are spells out there that are not in common usage, because they
are of minimal use to normal people. Max is not normal, so maybe he would
benefit from an enchantment spell, for example, which adds 5% to a given
skill, which would not be worthwhile for the majority.

Any ideas? I am most intrigued by this idea, and any suggestions/comments as
to origins or development would be appreciated.

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