Orlanthi Sorcerors

From: Julian Lord (julian.lord@hol.fr)
Date: Tue 19 May 1998 - 10:24:57 EEST

Simon Hibbs:

>I don't see how this is evidence for a network of Chalana Arroy
>sorcerers all over Dragon pass. Just because they _may_even_ learn
>sorcery, that doesn't mean any of them actualy get an opportunity to do

Hm. As a clarification, here's why I think orlanthi sorcerors are a good
idea(despite my initial hostility to the notion).

Which is more fun?

1) The orlanthi hate sorcerors. There are no sorcerors among the
2) The orlanthi hate sorcerors. But, some orlanthi are sorcerors.

Number two also makes more sense, IMO.

TTrotsky : Re: Myths and HQ

>To be honest, I get the feeling that I don't understand HeroQuesting
>nearly as well now as I did before I started reading the Digest - the
>more I read about it the more confused I get and the less I feel I

Heh heh heh ...
The dangers of conersation with Riddlers and GodLearners ...


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