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Date: Tue 19 May 1998 - 12:09:24 EEST

Thank you once again for all the replies.

With regards to worshippers perceiving myths:

I understand about the way they see HQs as they take place, but what
about when they aren't happening?

Take the example of the clan with the putrid oasis. If they don't know
about a myth to help sort it out, how can they find out? Is there a sort

of myth library on the Hero Plane which they can browse through, or do
they go off on a myth-finding HQ?

A related question is how do priests find out what the myths relating to
their gods are? We spoke before about written and oral traditions, and
their limitations. What about the lone priest up on a mountanside, far
from any theatrical re-enacments / HQs to show him the way, how does he
find out what it's all about? Does he have to HQ (can he?), or can he

somehow view what is happening on the Hero Plane without having to fully


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