Lunar Info

Date: Tue 19 May 1998 - 15:48:36 EEST

richard develyn:
1) Why the moon is red and black.
2) Why it spins.

     The Red Moon is orbited by a Darkness point source, which projects Darkness

onto it. It does not spin. This is straight from Sandy Petersen, and more is
available in the GC IV Conpendium, available at GC VII (this weekend). Finally
got the blasted thing finished....

3) Why it doesn't reflect the light of Yelm (at least, the black side).

     Why should it? it's not a mirror. No one asks that sort of question
about Tolat/Shargash/the Red Planet. Does the Blue Moon reflect the light
of Yelm? It's cycles of passing throught the Underworld are different from

3a) Will the White Moon be white 'cos it reflects the light of Yelm, and
is it more Yelm friendly as a consequence.

     No, The White Moon is White becuase it is the Mon of Peace.

4) Why moon is associated with madness.

     The magics of the Crater and the Red Moon are beyond the understanding of
most mortals, and their brains burst from trying to encompss it. Some things
are not meant for mortal men (shades of Cthulhu!).



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