Arachne Solara and Sorcerors amongst the Orlanthi

From: Ian Welsh (
Date: Tue 19 May 1998 - 17:09:57 EEST

Arachne Solara does not respond to worship -- can't remember where I
read that, but I'm quite positive it is the case. Worship till you're

blue in the face it ain't going to do you any good... which is why there
is no organized cult in the theistic sense. (Makes a good candidate for
a Stygian heresy though.)

> Which is more fun?
> 1) The orlanthi hate sorcerors. There are no sorcerors among the
> orlanthi.
> 2) The orlanthi hate sorcerors. But, some orlanthi are sorcerors.
> Number two also makes more sense, IMO.
Number one causes a lot less problems. In Strangers in Prax the

Orlanthi riot when a sorceror comes to Pavis. In a place they control
I'm quite sure a sorceror would be lynched with whatever force was
necessary. Number two also smacks of monty haulism.

Ian Welsh


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