The Red (and black) Moon.

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 19 May 1998 - 16:55:00 EEST

1) Why the moon is red and black.

It is red because of all the blood that Shepelkirt demands from her
worshipers - which is why they attack us and send abominations like the
bat to eat us. The moon is a bloody wound in the sky.

It is black because Shepelkirt was raised from hell and is allied with
darkness powers that spread fear and madness. The trolls from the Blue
Moon plateau aid her.

2) Why it spins.

It is unstable and unballanced, suported only by Lunar sorcery.

[The only other red and black spinning thing I can think of is a
roulette wheel - I doubt there's a connection :-) ]

3) Why it doesn't reflect the light of Yelm (at least, the black side).

The black side of the moon is a portion of hell carried into the sky ful
of demons which fear the light.

3a) Will the White Moon be white 'cos it reflects the light of Yelm, and

is it more Yelm friendly as a consequence.

What white moon? They're just mad.

4) Why moon is associated with madness.

(See what I mean?)

Because Shepelkirt is a goddess of madness, who encourages her
worshipers to consort with chaos and demons.


Simon Hibbs


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