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Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 11:10:45 EEST

There's times when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

1) Why the moon is red and black.

In the purity of Godtime, the planet Verithurusa was purest white. When
Umatam violated and destroyed the celestial harmony of her being, she was
stained with blood, and became red. When her orbit was cast beneath the
horizon of the world, she was the first to view the dark Underworld and then
return to the world above.

The cycles of Time have turned, returning almost to their source, and
Rufelza now appears as a red body in the sky, whose phases move across her
face as proofs of the death and rebirth she offers her followers. And now we
stand prepared for the transformation that will occur when Umatam's cursed
brood are harnessed to the Cosmic Wheel, and white Verithurusa shall shine
once more, unblemished, over a deathless world of perfection.

2) Why it spins.

The moon does not spin, O most ignorant one. The black face of the moon is
but a transient shadow; she herself is more constant than the Pole Star.
Thus we see that death is a flitting nothingness, and life endures.

[[Read: that bastard Stafford gave the Moon a fixed position and moving
shadow in his article in Tales #16. Prior to that -- cf. "Moonbroth" in
Tales #15 -- I was delighted to speculate about what lurks on the Dark Side
of the Moon. But I guess the last words of the album are more appropriate
this way.]]

3) Why it doesn't reflect the light of Yelm (at least, the black side).

All light reflects the light of Yelm. All darkness absorbs the light of
Yelm. The Destinex Shadow appears as a dark patch in the sky, even in the
brightest daylight. How else should it seem? (Or would mighty Yelm himself
wish to occlude Rufelza's message of death and rebirth, which she herself
taught to him in Hell?)

3a) Will the White Moon be white 'cos it reflects the light of Yelm, and
is it more Yelm friendly as a consequence.

O folly! When She Who Comes is manifest, all the heavens and earths, waters
and darknesses will return to the state of primordial celestial order.
Naturally, this state will be presided over by Yelm, Emperor of the
Universe. But what could be more (ahem) "Yelm friendly" than the arduous
struggle to re-create this state?

4) Why moon is associated with madness.

The full beauty of the Lunar revelation transcends consciousness, cosmos and
conscience. Such powerful insights are not for everyone. Through education,
proclamation, reclamation, we strive to prepare the general public for That
Which Comes. In the Jakaleeli Asylums, we listen to the wisdom that dribbles
from the lips of those blessed -- all unknowing -- with fragments of divine
Wisdom. And through direct personal experience of the Lunar Truths, we
unhinge and disarrange the minds of the recalcitrant, ignorant and foolish,
confronting their puny intellects with the aweful immensity of the Lunar

[It may not do them much good, but it's fun to watch!]

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