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Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 11:50:00 EEST

Ian Welsh writes (thought this is not a direct answer to him...)
>Arachne Solara does not respond to worship -- can't remember where I
>read that, but I'm quite positive it is the case.
        Prosopedia, I think. Also; I do agree with you that Arachne Solara does
not have a religious cult as such. However, there is two mentions of worship:
        * Beast Men in Elder Secrets: I have interpreted this as an
animistist-shamanistic worship with no _direct_ magical benefits.
        * Worshipers of Aranea (thought the resemblance may be the only reason).
IMO they may see Aranea as a path to Arachne Solara but do not receive any
benefits from the worship, either. Without extensive heroquesting, maybe
(see Crackspider...)

>In Strangers in Prax the
>Orlanthi riot when a sorceror comes to Pavis. In a place they control
>I'm quite sure a sorceror would be lynched with whatever force was
>necessary. Number two also smacks of monty haulism.

        What is the definition of a sorcerer ?
        * Malevolent magician: KoS states that malign magic is often called
sorcery, no matter what the source. I think that would work.
        * Magician from a foreign culture which is regarded as being sorcerers.
ie. Pavisians recognize Arlaten for being Malkioni and therefore a
sorcerer. Works again IMO.
        * Character who uses spells from RQ3 Sorcery rules. Nah, that's a
rules-specific idea and the other characters do not see your character
sheet anyway.
        If a potential initiate goes to Chalana Arroy Temple and already has a
working magic (I envision this happen in certain parts of Ralios at the
very least), the cult only forbids him or her to use offensive and directly
harmful magic. Hence the forbidden sorcery spells list in GoG.

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