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Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 11:34:21 EEST

Richard continues delving:

> Take the example of the clan with the putrid oasis. If they don't know
> about a myth to help sort it out, how can they find out?

This is a clan with no knowledge god, no water god, no intrepid adventurous
god who likes solving problems, no culture-hero who helps them out when
they're in trouble? Then they're stuffed (until the PCs arrive). Any of the
other deities would be delighted to chip in, and the only HQ you need to get
their advice is a Divination (or, more lavishly, a HQ visit to their home).

> How do priests find out what the myths relating to their gods are?

What kind of priest does not know what myths relate to his god? (Possibly
there are "Develyn Theory" priests who don't know the name of their deities,
have never seen their manifestations, etc. I don't have any of these IMG,
and so won't comment further).

> What about the lone priest up on a mountanside, far from any theatrical
> re-enacments / HQs to show him the way, how does he find out what it's
> all about?

In what sense is some loner on a mountainside who has never attended a
temple worship service, read holy scriptures, talked to anybody who has ever
heard anything about the worship of a deity, and indeed has no notion of
"what it's all about", a "priest"?

Almost by definition, a proper priest can perform Divinations and summon
Cult Spirits, and these would be a great source of research info. But you
would need somebody to talk *to*. That is to say, a Storm Voice from some
backward clan who left his people to become a hermit up in the mountains
would still be communicating with Orlanth and able to experience and develop
his understanding of Orlanthi myth in some strange personal way.

A random hermit with innate magical power might have a chance encounter with
a powerful spiritual entity -- cf. my Spirit Cult rules -- and begin to
develop an understanding of that spirit's mythology through personal

But until you have some spiritual entity to deal *with*, you'll have
problems finding out about them.

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