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Thanks very much for the answers, esp Nick (I thought this was your

I guess the roving searchlight idea doesn't work anymore then?

This "point of darkness", does it just fire onto the red moon, or does
it fire down to Glorantha as well (and Yelm, etc)?

>> 3a) Will the White Moon be white 'cos it reflects the light of Yelm, and
>> is it more Yelm friendly as a consequence.

> O folly! When She Who Comes is manifest, all the heavens and earths, waters
> and darknesses will return to the state of primordial celestial order.
> Naturally, this state will be presided over by Yelm, Emperor of the
> Universe. But what could be more (ahem) "Yelm friendly" than the arduous
> struggle to re-create this state?

Will she then be dark when Yelm travels the underworld?

> The full beauty of the Lunar revelation transcends consciousness, cosmos and
> conscience. Such powerful insights are not for everyone. Through education,
> proclamation, reclamation, we strive to prepare the general public for That
> Which Comes. In the Jakaleeli Asylums, we listen to the wisdom that dribbles
> from the lips of those blessed -- all unknowing -- with fragments of divine
> Wisdom. And through direct personal experience of the Lunar Truths, we
> unhinge and disarrange the minds of the recalcitrant, ignorant and foolish,
> confronting their puny intellects with the aweful immensity of the Lunar
> Way.

Ah, is it therefore the case, that those elemental creatures we call
Lunes, are in fact embodiments of divine wisdom? Why do we direct them
at our enemies?

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