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Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 19:03:03 EEST


>Me>> BTW I do have a first name. Use it.

>>You were the one who started the rot, you know.

>Really? Where?

In your last post to me. It wasn't the first time people have addressed
each other just by their surnames, in _that_ way IYSWIM, but it was
certainly the first time I saw it happen at subject-line level.

Peter responding to Jose:

> If you persist in saying that something that I know or feel
> is wrong, then I will say so. If you do it politely then I respond
> in kind

That isn't how you treated me.

Incidentally some of what I said in those posts doesn't measure up - so
let's not resurrect that thread. I sorted it out on email with a few
people who didn't want to use _me_ as a punch bag.

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