"Orlanthi" sorcerors

From: D. Pearton (pearton@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 21:18:24 EEST

> Ian Thomson:
> > I've been scanning ny stuff for cult details
> > and only the Prosopedia has anything of note
> > However there are a few references to other bits
> > ie Deezola was a priestess?

Well, I remember something from Sandy (I believe) that said the beasts and
beastfolk of Beast Valley worship Arachne Solara as the embodiment of
nature. The worship was rather bloody and ogiastic as I recall. Didn't
somebody write-up a worship ceremony that included things getting ripped
apart with bare hands (shades of Dionysis?).

I don't believe they actually recieved any material benifit from the
worship though.

> From: Julian Lord <julian.lord@hol.fr>
> Subject: Unorthodox Orlanthi Sorcery
> > Joerg Baumgartner:
> > Orlanthi don't like sorcerers. If there are Orlanthi who practice
> > Western magics, and yet are accepted in their society, obviously they
> > are no sorcerers, but wizards, or priest-magicians, or watchamacallit.
> >
> Hm. I'm fairly sure that there are sorcerors among the Orlanthi, but are

> they accepted in their society? Another kettle of fish ... If they're

> initiates of the CA cult, or similar, perhaps : ... grudgingly.
> The blanket answer: No.

It would help if we had some clue what you meant. Orlanthi is a blanket
term and as a general stament: yes, there are Orlanthi sorcerors. But
that is so broad as to be meaningless.

When we're talking about sorcery I assume we're talking the
western/Carmanian brand of RQ3 (or Sandy's system) sorcery. I.e. based on
concious manipulation of the world through rigorous study.

So, lets look at slightly smaller (and more useful) groupings:

1. Are there sorcerors amoungst the mainstream (i.e. rural clan based)
Sartarites? - NO.

2. Are there sorcerors amoungst the Tarshites, Aggarites, Imtherites and
other Orlanthi under the benevolent lunar empire? Very Probably?

3. Tarsh Exiles? Probably not due to their hatred of the lunar ways.

4. Heortlanders (i.e. Hendriki et al.)? Definitely yes = aeolian priests
of various deities, including Chalana Arroy and even probably some
"unaligned" sorcerors.

5. Ralians? Depends - the highland Orlanthi such as the Delelans would
sooner slaughter a meldek. The lowland city folk are henotheist and hence
definitey have sorcerors (or priests).

6. Umanthelans? Well we'll find that out soon enough. Dunham?

On the other hand: Are there people amoungst the rural Sartarite Orlanthi
who are acused of being sorcerors - definitely! Are they sorcerors in a
recognisable RQ3 sense - No. It is the twisted old lady who lives on the
edge of the tula who sours your milk and causes your cows to still-birth
and who has the evil eye, etc.

> Remember: there *are* worshippers of chaos divinities among the
> Orlanthi. (Krarsht, Mallia, ... ) Are they accepted by society?

Yes, but it is a hell of a lot easier to become an initate of a chaos cult
(it is even possible to involuntarily initiate) than to find a master
sorceror (where?), apprentice yourself for many years (how do you support
yourself and your master - western societies have a support system - the
church) and study (with what books?).

> All true, even the snipped bit, except IMO & IMG for the last one. I
> believe there are underground unaligned sorcerors in Orlanthi lands, who
> have some kind of marginal existence in orlanthi society.

What support base would there be for these - how can you put in the years
of study with books, labs, etc required?

> One thing that seems to have been inferred by other contributors to
> this thread: "sorcery" means "western sorcery". (Am I wrong?) Anyway, I
> don't think so.

Then what in heavens name do you mean? If it is any kind of magic that
you don't like/understand, then obviously there are such in any community.
I don't think anyone would argue about that.

> A sorcery-using Arroin cult is, IMO,
> a) a Gloranthan likelihood, IMHO (see CA re: "can use sorcery";
> Arroin is a sub-cult of CA.)
In very well defined areas, eg amoungst the Hendriki.
> b) optional. -
> c) munchkin material.
Very probably

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As an aside - could Peter Metcalfe and friends take the gratuitous
mud-slinging of the digest. Such wit is best appreciated in privacy and
the thread is no longer yeilding anything of interest to the digest.

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