Arachne Solara

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 23:10:42 EEST

While looking for something entirely different (isn't that always the way?) I found a
little quote that might help. Or not.
The Rune-Quest-Con Compendium, p56, in the Lore Auction transcript.
" 19: Can Arachne Solara receive cult worship and do anything about such worship?
GS: I'd say no. You can enter into a personal relationship with her but there is no
cult intervention between you
SP: There may be, of course, lots of cults trying to reach her.
GS: That's right. It's a personal thing. It's a mystical thing."

So there you go: the reason we can't find an AS cult write-up is that there ain't no
such cult, and that's official. At least, in Greg's Glorantha there isn't (wasn't?). YGMV.

Mind you, a few pages further on:
"34: Is Glorantha a temple to Arachne Solara? And all of its inhabitants worshippers
in a higher scale?
GS: In the sense that a man's body is the temple of his spirit, yes."

And I hope that makes more sense to you than it does to me.

Jane Williams


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