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From: TTrotsky (
Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 01:52:00 EEST

Richard Develyn:

<< I guess the roving searchlight idea doesn't work anymore then?>>

     Why wouldn't it? The Black Orbiter circles the moon, so whenever its on
the opposite side of the moon from you, the moon is full. That's going to
depend on your geographical location, just as predicted by the 'searchlight
theory'. The fact that the moon itself doesn't spin is irrelevant.
 <<This "point of darkness", does it just fire onto the red moon, or does it
fire down to Glorantha as well (and Yelm, etc)?>>

     Just onto the Red Moon. It does affect Glorantha indirectly, in that when
its in between you and the moon, the moon is black/dying, so there's less
moonlight. IOW, the Red Moon unshines by reflected darkness, rather than
shining by reflected light as the RW type does.
 << Nick: > O folly! When She Who Comes is manifest, all the heavens and
earths, waters > and darknesses will return to the state of primordial
celestial order.
> Naturally, this state will be presided over by Yelm, Emperor of the
> Universe. But what could be more (ahem) "Yelm friendly" than the arduous
> struggle to re-create this state?
 Will she then be dark when Yelm travels the underworld?>>

      In the state of primoridal celestial order, Yelm will never be in the
underworld since we will have rid ourselves forever of the shackles imposed by
the short-sighted foolishness of Rebellus Terminus. As Yelm never set in the
Golden Age, he will never set in the Age to Come and the digijelm and their
kind will be vanquished forever.

<< is it... the case, that those elemental creatures we call Lunes, are in
fact embodiments of divine wisdom? Why do we direct them at our enemies? >>

     Because of our generous natures and the desire to give all the chance to
partake in the revelation of the Red Goddess. Clearly our enemies are in most
need of this instruction, or they would not be our enemies. Is it our fault if
their barbarian brains can't cope with the universal truths of our superiority
and they go barking mad as a result?

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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