Some more GloranthaCon info

Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 03:49:35 EEST

Curtis Taylor asks:

>> Late announcements of the Events at GloranthaCon (this weekend!).

>Roderick, do we sign up for the events at the Con or over the Internet?

At the Con. While pre-reg books have gone out and people have pre-regged
for games, the Con has reserved 20% of all games for at-Con signup. Also,
not all of our events are in the book. Seminars aren't signed up for, just
show up.

I checked with the hotel, there is a shuttle on a ~30 minute schedule from
LAX to the hotel, for those of you flying in. You can also call the front
desk (670-9000) to have one dispatched.

There will be some sort of locater information for the Friday events
(Welcome, Meet the Reaching Moon).



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