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Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 09:25:17 EEST

Richard continues:

> I guess the roving searchlight idea doesn't work anymore then?


> This "point of darkness", does it just fire onto the red moon, or does
> it fire down to Glorantha as well (and Yelm, etc)?

Just the Red Moon. It's like a cone of "unlight" projected from a point
source orbiting the moon. See Greg Stafford's article and map in Tales #16
for more details.

> [White Moon]
> Will she then be dark when Yelm travels the underworld?

You seem not to have noticed what I said. No Gloranthan IMO believes that
the moon or planets shine by reflecting sunlight (as they do in the RW). The
manner in which the light of other heavenly bodies is related to Yelm and/or
Aether (etc.) is more of a spiritual thing.

In other words, since the White Moon won't shine by reflecting sunlight, why
should she be dark at night (the most logical time for her to be visible)?

> Ah, is it therefore the case, that those elemental creatures we call
> Lunes, are in fact embodiments of divine wisdom? Why do we direct them
> at our enemies?

To confound them and make them poo their pants. Whyever else?

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