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Thanks to Trotsky and Nick:

Maybe I misunderstood what the roving searchlight theory was meant to
be. I imagined the moon was actually _searching_, what you're saying is
that it only appears to be.

Anyway, I'll read Greg's article as directed.


>In the state of primoridal celestial order, Yelm will never be in the
>underworld since we will have rid ourselves forever of the shackles
>imposed by the short-sighted foolishness of Rebellus Terminus. As Yelm
>never set in the Golden Age, he will never set in the Age to Come and
>the digijelm and their kind will be vanquished forever.
How will we see the White Moon - Yelm blinds us when we look skyward?


>You seem not to have noticed what I said.

I _always_ notice. Sometimes I don't understand.

>No Gloranthan IMO believes
>that the moon or planets shine by reflecting sunlight (as they do in
>the RW). The manner in which the light of other heavenly bodies is
>related to Yelm and/or Aether (etc.) is more of a spiritual thing.

Ok. Does Glorantha reflect Yelm's light?

>In other words, since the White Moon won't shine by reflecting
>sunlight, why should she be dark at night (the most logical time for
>her to be visible)?

Fair enough.

<me>is it... the case, that those elemental creatures we call Lunes, are
<me> in fact embodiments of divine wisdom? Why do we direct them at our
<me> enemies?


> Because of our generous natures and the desire to give all the chance
> to partake in the revelation of the Red Goddess. Clearly our enemies
> are in most need of this instruction, or they would not be our
> enemies. Is it our fault if their barbarian brains can't cope with the
> universal truths of our superiority and they go barking mad as a
> result?

But wait! Surely we should initiate them into the ways of the Red
Goddess a slow step at a time, so that we may stand a better chance of
converting them from their barbarian ways. Should we not reserve
Lune-exposure for our wisest teachers?


> To confound them and make them poo their pants. Whyever else?

What if they're not confounded? Is this not a tremendous risk we take,
that our enemies may learn our wisdom and use it against us?

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