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Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 17:25:57 EEST

Julian Lord :

>Quote time, I believe. This one's from Sandy's sorcery:
>"Several different Gloranthan magic traditions are all vulgarly known
>'Sorcery'. ... etc. ... " Paragraph one of his rules.
>Sorcery, as defined there, is a technique for the direct manipulation

>magical energies by a sorceror.

Also from the same rules, in the section on the High Vow :

" .........Even non-Malkioni sects may have an equivalent
the High Vow -- usually some kind of philosophy upon which the sorcerer
can base his mind's architecture. While it is possible for a person to
sorcery without this kind of framework, it is of course much harder.
Unaligned sorcerers must adhere to an ethical doctrine or mental
in order to take the High Vow. If they have no such dogma to base their
reality around, the High Vow is not possible, and their sorcerous power
correspondingly weakened."

Sorcerers without any vows have a presence of 1 (poor things).

On Renegade Malkioni - they will have violated their High Vow, and so
suffer as above, unless they can take a new High Vow.

>But we know that, in fact, some pantheists *do* use sorcery.
>Strong disagreement here, but my POV isn't yours ...

Some Henotheists. Henotheists are monotheists who hold that certain
spiritual beings have a 'special relationship' with the Invisible God,
much in the same way as Saints (duck). At least thats how I imagine
them. I don't believe that henotheism is an opportunity to play Wind

Lord Sorcerer Shamans or such (not that I'm saying you do).

Simon Hibbs


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