Western Heroquesting

From: David Cake (dave@starfish.net.au)
Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 22:22:01 EEST

>I'm more and more attracted to a Tarot model for some Western HQs, the more
>I think about it. The "Real Camelot" model works fine for chivalrous
>knights, but I'd like to muddy the waters a little when the wizards jump in.

        The great Nick hits another 6 (home run for you American types).
        Might I also suggest that Western Alchemy, at least the parts of it
concerned with tales of personal transformation, is also a good source of
inspiration. Along with things like the Christian Rosenkreutz stuff,
metaphor and allegory laden tales of the occult. But the Tarot is certainly
an interesting source of ideas as well. With the added advantage that if
you are running short of ideas you can grab ideas from Nephilim




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