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Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 21:59:21 EEST

Simon Hibbs

> ... I am wary of Henotheism. It is a fusion of
> incompatible doctrines, yet game mechanicaly may potentialy offers the
> greatest benefits by providing both sorcery and divine magic. I prefer
> to keep things more clearly delineated in my games to avoid abuse.

Ah, but it doesn't give the most widely useful form of magic, spirit magic.
Maybe in your games most people heal themselves with divine magic, but not
in ours. And sorcery has really weak healing magic. I believe pagan magic
gives the best of both worlds, not henotheism.

Nick Brooke, responding to Richard Develyn

> > How do priests find out what the myths relating to their gods are?

> What kind of priest does not know what myths relate to his god?

No priest of Orlanth prior to Harmast knew the (complete) Lightbringer's Quest.

Even Lhankor Mhy himself didn't know the Summons of Evil.

I presume this is what Richard is referring to. I'm not sure what Harmast
did, but Lhankor Mhy clearly performed a Divination.

Dave Pearton asked if the Umathelan storm barbarians had sorcerers. Sandy
has implied that there are converts to Malkioninism (who become
henotheists). As well as Malki converts to worship of the pagan gods (also
thus henotheists). So I'd say yes, especially near the coast.

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