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Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 20:36:13 EEST

Richard Develyn:

<< 1) Is my reasoning about going round full circle correct? In particular,
 are you ultimately reliant on inaccurate written / oral material to find
 out what happened in the past?>>

     There isn't time travel in Glorantha, so from a strictly objective POV,
I'd say that you are right. Gloranthans may regard particular sources as

unimpeachable, but we know for example, that you can cast Detect Truth spells
on two contradictory history texts and have both register as being true.
<<2) Can you use divination as a research tool? I understood that a God
couldn't tell you anything new about itself (new to you I guess) through
divination (more like the God is finding some knowledge within you and
bringing it to the front of your brain).>>

    IMO there are limitations to what you can use Divination to do. Obviously,
it is possible for Divination to tell you many things you didn't know, and in
that sense it is a valuable research tool. But if you get into things like
whether a particular myth 'actually happened' or not, or who created humanity,
its going to depend who you ask.
    Personally, I don't find this a problem. When it comes to mythology, I'm
not all that bothered about what 'really happened', so long as I understand
what culture X *think* happened.

<<3) Can you talk to spirits as a way of research history? Do they actually
tell you about what really happened in the past or do they just tell you what
the current myths are?>>

     As good a way as any, I'd have thought. Minor spirits will be as reliable
as mortals IMO (after taking account of their lifespan, ability to understand
what's going on, etc.) Major spirits are effectively minor gods and probably
aren't going to answer your questions unless they happen to grant the
Divination spell. If they do answer, the situation will be the same for them
as for deities, or at least the same as it is for giants or dragons. You can
do it, but suggesting they might be lying (e.g. trying to cast Truth spells on
them) is not likely to be a recipe for a long and healthy life (and they
probably wouldn't work anyway).

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