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From: TTrotsky (
Date: Fri 22 May 1998 - 01:50:06 EEST

Richard Develyn:

<< Me: As Yelm >never set in the Golden Age, he will never set in the Age to
Come and >the digijelm and their kind will be vanquished forever.
 How will we see the White Moon - Yelm blinds us when we look skyward?>>

     The same way that you can see the moon during the day in the RW.
  <<Does Glorantha reflect Yelm's light?>>

     Yes. Since it doesn't glow of its own accord, you couldn't see it
otherwise. The Red Moon, however, like the stars and planets gives off its own
light - except on the dark side, where as I mentioned, a nearby unbright
source of darkness causes it to look black.
Fun With Lunes:
 <<But wait! Surely we should initiate them into the ways of the Red Goddess a
slow step at a time, so that we may stand a better chance of converting them
from their barbarian ways. Should we not reserve Lune-exposure for our wisest

     Kind of tricky in the heat of battle. You are clearly a closet White
Moonie/Arrolian Heretic/Other Kaftan-Wearing Dropout and seek to denigrate the
achievements of our glorious Red Army by accusing them of unecessary violence!
May the Goddess enlighten you and bring you to a proper state of patriotism
towards the doubleplusgood Lunar Empire!

> To confound them and make them poo their pants. Whyever else?
 What if they're not confounded? Is this not a tremendous risk we take, that
our enemies may learn our wisdom and use it against us?>>

    If they gain wisdom they won't be our enemies any more. By definition, a
wise man would not wish to act against the Lunar Empire.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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