Incompatible theories and Meta-issues

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 22 May 1998 - 07:06:10 EEST

Simon Hibbs:

>From what we know of monotheism, pantheism and mysticism in Glorantha
>they are founded on mutualy incompatible philosophies.

I don't think so. There are mystics among the westerners
(Perfecti), atheists among the pantheists (lunar materialists)
and shamans among the Orlanthi and so forth. I thus think it
more accurate to distinguish between the philosophies and the
mode used by a practitioner of that philosophy.

Richard Develyn:

>>>You were the one who started the rot [of addressing people
>>>by their last names], you know.

Me>>Really? Where?

>In your last post to me.

In which I used your first name in the post, ie not the
behaviour I was complaining about.

>It wasn't the first time people have addressed
>each other just by their surnames, in _that_ way IYSWIM, but it was
>certainly the first time I saw it happen at subject-line level.

If it wasn't the first time it happened or only was the first time
you've seen it happen on the subjectline, then how do you know I
started the rot?

Me>> If you persist in saying that something that I know or feel
>> is wrong, then I will say so. If you do it politely then I respond
>> in kind

>That isn't how you treated me.

Mainly because patronizing people about how to prove theories based
on a paragraph cribbed from Hawking's was not what I considered to
be polite behaviour. Moreover posting at full speed while not even
recognizing that the existance of some people were explaining why you
were wrong was also inflammatory behaviour.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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