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Date: Fri 22 May 1998 - 11:18:21 EEST

Richard asks:

> Does Glorantha reflect Yelm's light?

Weird question. What would you take different answers as meaning? Nobody
thinks "Glorantha" is a source of light -- it includes light-sources within
it, such as Yelm and the Moon and the Planets and the Stars and Fires and
Flames and Glowing Chaos Monstrosities... And nobody thinks that any of the
above shine by reflected light.

> But wait! Surely we should initiate them into the ways of the Red
> Goddess a slow step at a time, so that we may stand a better chance
> of converting them from their barbarian ways. Should we not reserve
> Lune-exposure for our wisest teachers?

Desperate times breed desperate measures. If the barbarians all enrolled in
Philosophy classes at the Lunar College, sat quietly at the feet of our
wisest teachers, and developed a profound understanding of the Lunar Way
through the exercise of their as-yet untested intellectual faculties, that
would be wonderful! (And, indeed, in the Healed Cosmos of the White Moon,
this is how things will be). Because, instead, they descend on Lunar cities
with fire and the sword, we zap their brains with extravagant doses of
Lunacy. Serves them right.

Our wisest teachers learn from Lunes too. Just as Troll shamans learn stuff
from spirits of Darkness which you would probably dismiss as "Shades" --
there's more to Dehori than Fearshock Attacks!

> What if they're not confounded? Is this not a tremendous risk we take,
> that our enemies may learn our wisdom and use it against us?

No: when they learn our wisdom, they invariably join us. Just look at
Argrath. How can the Truth of the Lunar Way be "used against us"? To
understand it is to recognise its inevitable cyclical recurrence.

Philip asks:

> OK, so what's a Meldek? I get the general impression from what has been
> said, but specifically, what is the reference? I've never heard the term
> before. Is it related to Melchezedek?

Sartarite word for "sorceror", found in "Strangers in Prax" (the Western
Sorcerer section), defined at the foot of p.65. Not related to any RW
biblical names, AFAIK, and why should it be?

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