Third Eye Blue, Arachne Solara

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Peter Metcalfe:

> Joerg Baumgartner:
> >Apple Lane has Third Eye Blue iron-smith sorcerers (herding goats)
> >as established and accepted specialist residents.
> I'm not so sure that the Third Eye Blue are sorcerers. Apple
> Lane does not treat them as such and They are recorded as being
> enemies of sorcerers in the Elmexdros Roll text (FS p89).

I was under the impression that the Third Eye Blue people were
sorcerers who migrated from West of Carmania. I can't remember the
refernces off-hand. That would mean that they were of Western
extraction originally. I have always thought of them as being
possibly Stygian in nature, worshipping possibly their ancestors as
well as the occasional Smith Deity.

> Sorcerers of Orathorn in Pent are the only published non-westerners
> who are described as sorcerers.

Don't Kralori peasants use sorcery? I thought the mystics used Dragon
magic and Godyuna magic, the Exarchs just willed things into effect
and the peasants used a form of sorcery. Maybe this is a remnant of
the False Dragon Ring.

Ian Thomson
> What are:
> The Ritual of the Net
> The Spider's Promise
> The Sunstop

The Ritual of the Net:
When the Gods assembled in Hell at the end of the Lightbringers'
Quest, they performed the Ritual of the Net to bind and destroy
Kajabor and to create Time. The Net also bound the deities there into
the Compromise.

The Spider's Promise
Kyger Litor would not accept the Compromise because that would allow
Light to re-enter the world as an equal and the Darkness deities
would lose their dominance. Arachne Solara whispered into he ear and
gave the "Spider's Promise" at which point Kyger Litor accepted the
Compromise. Some say that Arachne Solara promised to sjow the trolls
the way back to Wonderhome.

The Sunstop

When the Broken Council created Nysalor they had to find a way to
allow him onto the world. They began many HeroQuests to perform this
deed. One of the Quests involved wrapping Arachne Solara in her Net
to stop her acting. When this had been achieved, Yelm could act and
stop to witness the birth of Nysalor. Somehow Arachne Solara freed
herself and managed to drag Yelm back on his rightful path. There is
an account of great strands appearing in the sky as a bloated spider
dragged the sun back with strands of the web breaking with the

More detailed accounts can be found in Cults of Terror, Troll Gods,
Argrath King of Sartar and on Chaosium's Web Site.

Simon Phipp


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