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From: Richard Develyn (
Date: Fri 22 May 1998 - 17:20:50 EEST

First of all, Greg's article in Tales 16 says:

"Destix appears, to the materialists, to be a tiny body which radiates
darkness and which revolves around the Lunar body. Where its influence
falls upon the Lunar surface the light is cancelled, making it dark."

Now that implies pretty strongly that it's influence does not _just_
fall upon the Lunar surface.

You would have thought that something that can blot out the moon would
have _some_ effect on Glorantha, at, say, dawn or dusk.


Philip Hibbs wrote:

> a. What makes you say Yelm will still be forced to travel into the
> underworld when the world is mended?

I didn't say that. Trotsky answered my first post by saying Yelm
wouldn't, but Nick answered on the assumption, ISTM, that Yelm would.
What do _you_ think's the case?

> b. Why can't the White Moon reflect Yelm's glory at night? Put that
> protractor away, God Learner!

Me? A God Learner? Surely you jest!

Anyway I think Nick didn't reckon heavenly bodies reflected one another.
Not sure about Glorantha herself, though. Is Glorantha a heavenly body,

 --- Trotsky's just answered me, and he reckons it does glow. That makes
sense to me.


<me>>How will we see the White Moon - Yelm blinds us when we look

> The same way that you can see the moon during the day in the RW.

Ok, silly me :-)


<me>But wait! Surely we should initiate them into the ways of the Red
<me>Goddess a slow step at a time, so that we may stand a better chance
<me>of converting them from their barbarian ways. Should we not reserve
<me>Lune-exposure for our wisest teachers?

>Kind of tricky in the heat of battle.

We shouldn't use them in battle. They belong in libraries.

>You are clearly a closet White Moonie/Arrolian Heretic/Other Kaftan-
>Wearing Dropout and seek to denigrate the achievements of our glorious
>Red Army by accusing them of unecessary violence!

Me? A White Moonie? Surely you jest!

In any case you are mistaken - Lunes are not a form of violence, they
are an attempt to enlighten.

>May the Goddess enlighten you and bring you to a proper state of
>patriotism towards the doubleplusgood Lunar Empire!

Maybe I should commune with a few Lunes myself :-)

Richard Develyn (


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