Sleeping with Varmandi

From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (
Date: Fri 22 May 1998 - 22:06:14 EEST

Dave Pearton said in response to something Joerg said:

>Joerg, who is normally fairly level headed:
>> Or meet an Orleving girl if you're a Varmandi?

>Worshipping Humakt, Urox, even Malia is bad enough, but this is just
>beyond the pale! Not even the lusty Korol would even consider this...

Fortunately the Varmandi scum would never get the opportunity to meet
any good Orleving girls. After all if we ever run out of eligible males,
root crops, willing hands or domestic animals there's always trolls.
Anything is preferable to soiling yourself with a Varmandi.

"Death to Varmand!"

Oliver "Orlev the Tall" Bernuetz


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