Arachne Solara

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 21 May 1998 - 11:03:45 EEST

>I doubt if Arachne Solara is worshipped in a normal cult, but she can
>be contacted and interacted with - the above deities managed it as
>did a Demigod in the First Age who wrapped her in her own net to
>enable the Sun Stop.

        Pelorian shamans (and presumably other shamans in theory at least)
are able to contact Arachne Solara, but the ritual is tightly controlled by
the Red Emperor so that only a select few are given the opportunity to do
so legally. This is documented in my Pelorian Prosopaedia (which is in need
of some updating, I note in passing), and I think the original reference is
in tFS.
        Arachne Solara pops up in the innermost rituals of certain cults
very occasionally, without being invoked directly, I think. At least, she
sometimes appears in the most holy rituals of Gerra (ref. Entekosiad), and
I don't think Gerra is likely to be unique in this.
        Arachne Solar does not respond to direct worship, but that does not
mean she cannot be contacted, and it also does not mean that she cannot
occasionally be invoked via indirect worship (ie worshippers of
Cragspider/Aranea can worship Arachne Solara indirectly, and can
ocasionally invoke Arachne Solaras power of fate as a result).




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