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Date: Fri 22 May 1998 - 22:19:22 EEST

Ian asks:

> What are:
> The Ritual of the Net
> The Spider's Promise
> The Sunstop
> or where can i find this out?

The Ritual of the Net: Arachne Solara got the Gods to trap the Devil in an
impossible net when he came to Hell to destroy the dead. She mated with him
and devoured him. Her child, Time, was born from the union. Sources: "Wyrms
Footprints" p.74, "King of Sartar" p.88, CoT "Cosmology" (at, and cf. also the Triumph of the Lunar Cosmos article in
the "Moonie Madness" section of my homepage (link below).

The Spider's Promise: the reason why the Trolls consented to the Great
Compromise (although they enjoyed the Darkness). Source: "Uz Lore" p.12.

The Sunstop: a unique magical catastrophe heralding transformative changes
world-wide, in which a giant Spider eclipsed the stationary Sun. Cf. CoT
"History" (at, and The Last Song of Horned-Ulf ("Wyrms
Footprints" p.28ff.)

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