Third Eye Blue and Sorcerers

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sat 23 May 1998 - 05:18:48 EEST

Simon Phipp:

Me>> I'm not so sure that the Third Eye Blue are sorcerers. Apple
>> Lane does not treat them as such and They are recorded as being
>> enemies of sorcerers in the Elmexdros Roll text (FS p89).

>I was under the impression that the Third Eye Blue people were
>sorcerers who migrated from West of Carmania. I can't remember the
>refernces off-hand. That would mean that they were of Western
>extraction originally. I have always thought of them as being
>possibly Stygian in nature, worshipping possibly their ancestors as
>well as the occasional Smith Deity.

Your impressions are correct to some extent. The Lunar Wane Chronicle
does record them as being imported by the Carmanians into Peloria, the
Dwarf special of Different Worlds mentions that they claim to have
had a Kingdom in Fronela which was cast down by the Mostali, and the
Genertela Book has them originating from the highlands of Tastolar.

However more recent Greg musings have the Third Eye Blue being
related to the Blue People of the Sweet Sea. Therefore it seems
that the Carmanian exportation actually means that the Carmanians
actively exported the cult from Pelanda (or Carmania) into the rest
of Peloria.

Regardless of their origin, the mere fact that they come from the
West is not evidence of their sorcerous usage. The Tawari Bull
People of eastern peloria had prehistoric origins in the province
of Tavars in modern Loskalm yet they are by no means sorcerors.

>> Sorcerers of Orathorn in Pent are the only published non-westerners
>> who are described as sorcerers.

>Don't Kralori peasants use sorcery? I thought the mystics used Dragon
>magic and Godyuna magic, the Exarchs just willed things into effect
>and the peasants used a form of sorcery. Maybe this is a remnant of
>the False Dragon Ring.

The old rules claim the Kralori use Sorcery. Modern thinking has
they use mysticism (which IMO the Kralori view as being the same
as Dragon and Godunya magic). There are remants of FDR sorcery in
Kralorela but these are most likely to be found in the old FDR
cults, such as the Path of Immanent Mastery. In any case, I was
responding to a request for an independant sorcery tradition.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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