Too Far?

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Date: Sat 23 May 1998 - 04:24:00 EEST

Dave Pearton exlaimed: "This has gone too far!"

>Joerg, who is normally fairly level headed:
>> Or meet an Orleving girl if you're a Varmandi?

>Worshipping Humakt, Urox, even Malia is bad enough, but this is just
>beyond the pale! Not even the lusty Korol would even consider this...

I knew that the other parallels wouldn't hit home. Varmand Montague and
Orlev Capulet, anybody?

Peter takes exception at my:
>>Such as making the presence of Seshnegi knights (e.g. Sir Narib's
>>Pithdaros contingent of black-skinned knights, in Argrath's Free Army)
>>and their wizards impossible?

>When did Sir Narib become a Pithdaran? Mularik Ironeye isn't
>AFAIK and the only 'Pithdaran' that Argrath has contact with
>Hunralki from Jolar.

What kind of Rokari name is Narib? To me it has a definitely exotic ring to it.

And who said that Hunralki from Jolar was the only dark-skinned follower of
Argrath? The Pithdaran Doraddi have been acculturated to an extent that
their warriors call themselves knights, something I don't expect from Hunralki.

Anyway, what's wrong with having Sir Narib as a Pithdaran?

Allow people a bit of imagination, please, or give a good reason why that
bit of imagination is wrong.

>>Apple Lane has Third Eye Blue iron-smith sorcerers (herding goats)
>>as established and accepted specialist residents.

>I'm not so sure that the Third Eye Blue are sorcerers. Apple
>Lane does not treat them as such and They are recorded as being
>enemies of sorcerers in the Elmexdros Roll text (FS p89).

I agree to a certain extent, given that the TEB uses stolen dwarf magic
rather than Logician's magic.

Non-western tradition sorcerers:
>Sorcerers of Orathorn in Pent are the only published non-westerners
>who are described as sorcerers.

Nothing is said about their origins, which could be anything, including a
far-travelled splinter of Logician-derived magicians.

Ian Thomson asks

>The Ritual of the Net

Occurred in Hell after th egods had sworn to Compromise; according to CoT
they gathered to catch the slain devil (see Storm Bull myth) in the net held
by all, and then devoured by Arachne Solara.

>The Spider's Promise

Whispered into Kyger Litor's ear, and persuaded her to accept the return of
day to the surface world. Uz Lore makes this the reunion of KL and Korasting
in the Underworld.

>The Sunstop

Happened in 375 at Nysalor's birth, when Time's laws had been broken.

>or where can i find this out?

Most of this is in the Cults of Terror text available on the website

or in the Glorantha booklet of Genertela Box. Additional info is spread
throughout the sources.


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