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Date: Sat 23 May 1998 - 09:26:32 EEST


Brief overview of Friday night at GloranthaCon VII as I experienced it:

Favorite Quote

Roderic, I believe, commenting on the accuracy of the convention

"An Orlanthi wrote this convention booklet. 85% of it is true."


First thing first; get the alcohol. Within a half-hour of my arrival I
am going along on a beer run with some of the MegaCorp luminaries. David
Cheng is at the wheel and we succeed in our quest to acquire inebrating
fluids. At least for one evening. We also learned that Canadian beer
does not come in 12-packs in S. Calif. supermarkets.

The mobbing of MOB by the Next Generation

The first Gloranthan event was 'Meeting the MegaCorp' seminar. Of
interest was the next generation of fans (the youngest was 8) who were
enthusiastically devouring the words of the attending luminaries from
the MegaCorp. The youngest wanted to see Greg Stafford himself, but Greg
did not attend this seminar. His enthusiasm was reminiscent of the fans
of Elvis. (Greg has left the building.) Since these youngsters enjoy
their campaigns in Prax, they were very happy to meet MOB and in fact
surrounded him after the seminar as if he was a rock star (pictures and
autographs were taken). I am glad to see that there is hope for a future
of Gloranthan gaming! Even if it is lead by MOB. ;-)

The presence of Nick Brooke

The luminaries were informed by their legal advisor, Jeff Richards, that
they had a contractual obligation to Nick Brooke to perform the
traditional sing-along. The 7 page "Songs of the Reaching Moon" was
handed out (or thrown out) to all, and various tunes and semblances of
tunes were belted out. The Y-E-L-M song was performed with the
appropriate arm signals by the luminaries. A fun time for all! I won't
say we did you proud, Nick, but we did something.

Glorantha RPG

A group of six or seven people played in a demo game of the new RPG, in
its current form. This group will run the demo games for the convention
on Saturday and Sunday. This group was given a short and brief copy of
the rules and some characters.

The MegaCorp luminaries had no comment on the Glorantha RPG.

GloranthaCon IV Conpendium

Andrew Joelson was selling copies of this GloranthaCon IV'Conpendium.'

Fridiric, and the rest of the readers, I will try to report back on
Saturday's events Saturday evening when I get home.

Take care, all.

- --Curtis Taylor

Lao-tzu: the original anarchist.


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