Pithdarans and Orathorni

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Sat 23 May 1998 - 10:19:41 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>>>Such as making the presence of Seshnegi knights (e.g. Sir Narib's
>>>Pithdaros contingent of black-skinned knights, in Argrath's Free Army)
>>>and their wizards impossible?

>>When did Sir Narib become a Pithdaran? Mularik Ironeye isn't
>>AFAIK and the only 'Pithdaran' that Argrath has contact with
>>Hunralki from Jolar.

>What kind of Rokari name is Narib? To me it has a definitely exotic ring
>to it.

>And who said that Hunralki from Jolar was the only dark-skinned follower
>of Argrath? The Pithdaran Doraddi have been acculturated to an extent that
>their warriors call themselves knights, something I don't expect from

I expect that Hunralki is accultured to some extent if the Pithdarans
are to seriously consider him as their leader. Afterwards he seems to
become Jann of Afadjann so I doubt he's as savage as his origins suggests.

>Anyway, what's wrong with having Sir Narib as a Pithdaran?

>Allow people a bit of imagination, please, or give a good reason why that
>bit of imagination is wrong.

I was just wondering how you knew Sir Narib and his contingent were
all Pithdarons. I don't mind some Pithdarans among among Sir Narib's
knights or even Sir Narib himslef being a Pithdaran. But I do think it
unlikely that all Argrath's Knights are Pithdarans. The example of
Mularik demonstrates that ordinary western knights were quite willing to
fight under Argrath. Hence I do feel it is more likely that Sir Narib's
Company would be a mixed contingent of Aeolian Knights from Heortland,
renegade Knights from Tanisor, and Pithdaran Knights, rather than it being
the entire Pithdaran Expeditionary Force.

>>Non-western tradition sorcerers: Sorcerers of Orathorn in Pent are
>>the only published non-westerners who are described as sorcerers.

>Nothing is said about their origins, which could be anything, including a
>far-travelled splinter of Logician-derived magicians.

Their origins are truly ancient. IMO it was their undead minions who
helped tear down the Dome of Manarlavus AFAIK. Hence I consider the
possibility of them being magicians from the Kingdom of Logic to be

- --Peter Metcalfe


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