Elmal + praise

From: Thomas Gottschall (Bloodtooth@gmx.net)
Date: Sun 24 May 1998 - 16:37:55 EEST

Hi everyone,

Few questions concerning Elmal :

In 1611 when Harvar Ironfist crushed the Righteous Wind, on
which side did the Elmali fight ?

Is it true that Harvar used Yelmalios to protect himself
against the Elmali and Orlanthi ?

Is there anywhere more than the very short explanation of
KoS about this incident on the net ?

I just started gaming again. It feels good to walk in
Glorantha and see it's wonders after such a long time. While
yesterday I was not so happy with my player taking an Elmali
as character, today I would almost kiss him for it. I had no
more info than that of KoS so I had to look it on the net
for it. Hail Nick Effingham, what a great cult description !
Hail Mr. Insley (sorry I forgot your first name in all the
frenzy), your Sartar page is my best source. Hail Jane
Williams for feminist Glorantha (and especially the Vinga
stuff). And of course hail all others who make Gloranthan
pieces available to GMs who do not have that much time to do
the research. With people like you Glorantha will never die

- --
bye, Thomas

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