From: Julian Lord (
Date: Mon 25 May 1998 - 01:41:53 EEST

Um, I think I've come across a reason why Saints are not like
Boddhisattvas (sp?) ...

The Malkioni believe that there is only one God, and He is the Invisible
God, etc...

Now, this belief is exclusivist in nature, meaning that they believe
that anyone who denies this doctrine is Wrong, and also that any
Malkioni who denies one particular version of dogma (whichever it may
be) is a heretic (and should be burned).

A Saint, from this POV, would be seen as incarnating some aspect of this
exclusive doctrine, and as being in a Solace as unchangeable
(supposedly) as faith itself.

Boddhisattvas, OTOH, allow a transcendant and living link to Divinity
which is independant of doctrine. The Buddhist model allows for a
potentially infinite number of aspects for worship, and adapts itself to
local conditions, allowing variation. This mutability of
boddhisattva-hood is very basically antithetical to the idea of Malkioni

The dogmatic nature of Malkionism implies aloof Saints in an eternal and
inviolate Solace unreachable by all but the most godly of men, ie the
most orthodox. (whichever dogma they adhere to)

The God-Learners may, though, have had a boddhisattva-like model, as
proposed, being able then to transcend ordinary malkioni dogmatics and
perceive Divinity through the Saints and even through the pagan gods,
etc.., as opposed to its being present *only* in the Invisible God.
Various 17th century (heretical?) sects may or may not have some
godlearnerish features, though, so we might keep the boddhisattva image
in our minds as a basis for some interesting heresies. It may be useful
for Stygian Malkionism, for instance.

A living Saint might transcend dogma, though, by the grace of the
Invisible God. From the Saint's POV, that is. Ordinary Malkioni would
understand him as shedding light upon some misunderstanding of the
eternal truth, or, alternatively, as being inspired by the Devil.
Malkioni theologians would have great difficulty in accepting the Saint,
of course !! They would be forced either to reject this creative
heroquester outright, or admit that previously cherished views were

All consuls are men. Incitatus is a consul. ...


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