Arachne Solara cult write-up preview

From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Tue 26 May 1998 - 13:52:10 EEST

Before we go any further I must say that this piece is currently
classed as:
"ripe for massive re-editing"
there are numerous bits about it I am not happy with including a very
D&D feel, and of course a few bits aren't even finished

I'm thinking of writing 2 versions

one for my campaign with the cult aspect
and one as an attempt at official rules, leaving out all the
liberties I have taken

so if you want to take a browse, all comments appreciated

especially those that originate from the thought
"no that's wrong, it should be..."
"that goes against established Lore, it would only work that way
etc etc
or I can E-mail you a copy



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