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Date: Tue 26 May 1998 - 10:47:30 EEST

Ian asks:

> 1) how were Lunes invented, and by whom?
> from shades by Jalakeel? Deezola?

Lunes probably weren't "invented", any more than Selenes or Shades or Sylphs
or Undines were. I'd imagine they were first summoned in the Zero Wane,
either manifested directly by the Red Goddess or else called forth from her
by Jakaleel the Witch (who is the source of Lunes according to "Cults of
Prax"). I can't think of any major association between Lunes and Shades, or
Lunes and Deezola.

> 2) What are the cult of Deezola's runes?

Unknown. I'd guess: Fertility, Harmony, Empty Half Moon. Her "Special Rune"
would be a combination of these, perhaps? (GoG Prosopaedia).

> 3) can I find greater details on the Rinliddi when they were being
> harrassed by the Carmanians before Deezola stood up to be counted?

The original Seven Mothers cult mythos and the Zero Wane History of the
Lunar Empire have the only details on the Carmanian Occupation of Rinliddi
in print. Both should be online at <>. I am not sure where
your statement about Deezola comes from. If you want to read a modern Lunar
subversive novel about pre-Lunar Torang ("Accursed Torang"), you can find
four chapters of Chris Gidlow's "Seleric Verses" in each of Tales #16 and
#17. Bloody good stuff.

> 4) Someone many weeks ago on the Digest talked of the position of
> the 7 muthas cult, in relation to the individual cults of its 7
> members. Can someone explain what this relationship is again?

Why not look it up in the archives? (Where are the archives??)

> What is/was Sunspider??

Another name for Arachne Solara at the Eclipse (Sunstop)?

> Was Deezola a Priestess of the Blue Moon, or am I misreading a
> reference?

She wasn't, AFAIK.

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