Re: Gemborg Evacuationists

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 26 May 1998 - 10:47:33 EEST


To Anagarata, Queen of the Delta:

Great Mistress,

Appended is a summary of my discussions with the renegade Gold. If what this
inhuman creature says can be believed, we may need to prepare for the worst.
Even so, I fear that our best preparations may not be sufficient.

Briefly, this individual claims that his superiors have been ignoring or
suppressing convincing evidence that the Bluesmoke Volcano (within which the
Mostali complex of Gemborg is located) is in imminent danger of a
catastrophic eruption. He claims to represent a dissident movement
determined to do something about it.

It is uncertain exactly what constitutes an "imminent danger", to a dwarf:
at times he appears to be be speaking of events many generations distant, or
of probabilities so remote as to be implausible. Still, to the Mostali this
may indeed warrant extreme preventative action. I would remind my Mistress
of the prophecies of the End of the Age, and indeed the recent belligerence
of the Caladrians (following the tragic spiritual dismemberment of Your
erstwhile husband) should give us all pause for thought.

Returning to our informant: a new "dysfunction" (i.e. heresy) is allegedly
growing within the complex. They call themselves the "Evacuationists", but
are more crudely referred to as "Shitters" by their less alarmist brethren
(whom they, in turn, call the "Squatters" -- discourse between Mostali with
variant views is less polite, it seems, than the traditional translations
represent [*]).

According to this, our sole source, they are confecting elaborate plans for
relocating the entire Gemborg community to some other site. Our information
is that for normal Mostali such a migration (or eviction) would be
inconceivably traumatic. Certainly more traumatic than the comparatively
minor matter of waging a genocidal war of extermination (backed with the
rumoured Black Powder atrocity-weapons) against the present inhabitants of
whatever land they choose to migrate to.

Whatever the truth of his allegations, this Gold is a worrying symptom.
Either he is correctly informed, in which case we may expect (or fear) a
gradual exodus of like-minded Mostali from Gemborg, possibly to be followed
by a catastrophic eruption and/or military invasion; or else he is
incorrect, in which case the Golds of Gemborg count erratic and irrational
individuals among their number; or, finally, he is deliberately giving us
this information, perhaps for experimental purposes, quite irrespective of
its truth or falsehood. He may be working for either side, if indeed there
are sides. Bluntly, we have no way of knowing whether there is any such
movement as the Evacuationists. Until it is too late.

I am at a loss, and do not know how to proceed. The Gemborg Mostali may be
judging us on my next action, and I fear lest the worst may result from my
ill-considered choice. If only the Caladrians were less impetuous, less
excitable! I beg you to respond in haste: call Conclave, consult the other
Queens, but let me know how to proceed. The safest answer may be to
terminate this Gold, but who knows what signals that action may send to his
controllers beneath the Bluesmoke Volcano? I dare not make any move without
your wise guidance.

Your Humble Servant,

Ahnahnkahteht of Notchet

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[*] Incidentally, the minority dissident community of Closehandists in
Gemborg take no constructive position on the alleged crisis, merely using it
to fuel their demands for increased reproductive perfection ("Survival of
the Fittest"). They are colloquially known as "Wankers" by both sides.


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