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Ian Thomson:

>1) how were Lunes invented, and by whom? from shades by Jalakeel?

The cult of Jakaleel is the origin of the Lunes. Details are
presumably in Tales #17 although I have seen neither the cult
writeup nor Tales #17.

>2) What are the cult of Deezola's runes?

Moon and a special (but undetailed) rune of some sort.

>3) can I find greater details on the Rinliddi when they were being
>harrassed by the Carmanians before Deezola stood up to be counted?

Rinliddi was a land of bird worshippers whose history and mythology
can be divined of sorts from the Glorious ReAscent of Yelm, the
Fortunate Succession and the Entekosiad.

In the Old Days, they use to ride birds (the same type or similar
to the demibirds of the Dragonewts). One time, they grew so
powerful as to rule Dara Happa. That Empire was conquered long
ago and the Rinliddi birds were exterminated by the Horse Riders
of Pent during the Great Darkness.

The Rinliddi survived the darkness to become loyal subjects of
the Horse Emperors. But their bird religion gradually became
replaced by more mainstream Pelorian mythology, such as the
worship of Lodril. This was reversed after the beginning of the
fifth wane according to Enclosure although there still are
conflicts. Enclosure gives details of the traditional gods of
the Rinliddi (Basekora, Shidan, Avarnia etc).

>4) Someone many weeks ago on the Digest talked of the position of
>the 7 muthas cult, in relation to the individual cults of its 7
>members. Can someone explain what this relationship is again?

In the Lunar Heartlands, the Seven Mothers each have their individual
cults. The Red Goddess's Cult is headed by the Emperor and controls
the Examiners. The Cult of Yanafal Tarnils leads the Red Army and its
head is Bellex Maximus. The prisons and penitentaries of the Empire
are run by the infamous cult of Danfive Xaron, led by Grand Master

The influence of the other cults of the Seven Mothers have fallen
due to the plans of the Goddess. The power of the scribes that
worshipped Irrippi Ontor (led by some doddering old fart whose head
is filled to the brim with useless knowlege and then some) has been
eclipsed by the Lunar College of Magic which was originally a branch
of the Red Goddess's Cult. As I understand it, the most senior
members of Jakaleel are too insane to provide coherent leadership and
so the cult is manipulated by Marshal Feodr Volkhovos, who worships
Annilla. The other two cults, Deezola and Teelo Norri, are weak, have
fragmented leaderships and are probably under the thumb of the Great

In the Lunar Provinces, the lunar cults are subsumed into the Provincial
Church, lead by Icilius the Overholy. This is a lunar-religion-lite for
the barbarians and provincials. Most members worship the Seven Mothers
as a group hence its alternative name, the Cult of the Seven Mothers.

Some worshippers in the Seven Mothers Cult choose to become closer to a
Mother while still remaining within the Provincial Church. Most of them
choose to venerate Yanafal Tarnils but devotees of Irrippi Ontor etc are
known. In some cases, whole temples are known to these devotees such as
the Temple to Yanafal of the Seven Mothers at Alda-Chur. These devotees
have most of the abilities of a worshipper in the Heartland Cults of the
Individual Mothers.

The only apparent difference that anybody notices is that the devotees
are still part of the Provincial Church and take their orders etc from it
rather than the Heartland Cult hierarchy. For example, a Yanafali within
the Seven Mothers will take his religious orders from his superior in the
Provincial Church and not the Red Army.

>What is/was Sunspider??

A Great Spider that blotted out the Sun during the Sunstop. Also
known as the Deathspider Shadow.

>Was Deezola a Priestess of the Blue Moon, or am I misreading a

She Who Waits was supposedly a Priestess of the Blue Moon. Deezola
was a Priestess of Arachne Solara.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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