RE: The Glorantha Digest V5 #630

From: Hibbs, Philip (
Date: Tue 26 May 1998 - 14:25:00 EEST

>>OK, so what's a Meldek? ...
>>Is it related to Melchezedek?
>Sartarite word for "sorceror", found in "Strangers in Prax" (the Western
>Sorcerer section), defined at the foot of p.65. Not related to any RW
>biblical names, AFAIK, and why should it be?

Thanks. I didn't realise it was a specifically Gloranthan reference, I
thought it might have been a RW thing. I think I'll re-title my "Pagan
Sorcery" rules as "Meldek Sorcery". or
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