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Date: Tue 26 May 1998 - 19:40:03 EEST

Me:<< > IMO, Basmol did exist, and somebody did kill him, but I agree that
> from a gaming POV it doesn't matter who. I think he exists in the
> underworld in the sense that you could potentially HeroQuest there and
> meet him.
 Richard: I'm agnostic (at present). Having a load of myths referring to
Basmol as a dead god _is_ indicative. However I recall someone making the same
sort of argument to me about the RW existance of god - and I'm agnostic about
that too.>>

    I wasn't making an argument, I was stating an opinion :-)
 <<Me: > I think its pretty clear that there was [a God Time]
 More don't knows from me, I'm afraid. It's possible that Gloranthans feel the
same way about God Time as we (RW) do about dinosaurs. There's probably about
the same amount of physical evidence. Maybe they're not that certain. >>

     Well, as I said, whether the God Time was the way the Orlanthi (or
anybody else) says it was is a moot point. But that it existed in some form
seems undeniable. What's the alternative? The only one I can think of is an
Omphalos-style creation at the Dawn, which seems a bit strained.

Red Moon:

<<1) Greg's article implies (to me) that the Darkness from Destrix shines (if
that's the right word) equally in every direction.>>

     OK, quite probably.

<<2) How does the strength of darkness decrease over distance?>>

     Probably the same way as light does. I'm hypothesising that Destix is a
lot closer to the Red Moon than it is to Glorantha. Note that its also always
going to be between you and the Dark Side of the Moon (unless you're directly
underneath) and when the Moon is dark, the nights are going to be darker
anyway, so I'm not sure you'd notice even if it does happen.

<<I would have thought that if it was strong enough to totally obliterate the
light of the red moon then it would have had some effect on the surface world
(what I've been calling Glorantha) which would be visible when the light from
Yelm was weak (Dawn and Dusk).>>

    Well, the light from Yelm is even weaker during the night, which is why I
was puzzled. Depends on the distances involved really, and we all know they
aren't measurable!


<<It still feels kind of weird to me to use something which, AFAIU, is
primarily a tool of enlightenment, as a weapon of war.>>

     Primarily a tool of enlightenment if you're an Irrippi Ontor type or
something similar. If you're a soldier its a weapon that works quite well, and
that some scholastic types apparently use for something else as well.

 <<I would have thought that the Lunar army had a veritable arsenal of
physical and magical weapons at its disposal that it would use in

    Yeah, but Lunes are cool too. The more variety of weapons you have, the
more difficulty the enemy will have evading them (or that's the theory). As
Nick pointed out, trolls use Shades for endarkenment (or whatever), but they
do also use them in combat.

<<You call what I was calling Glorantha: "she". Is there another term I could
use - I feel just "she" might get a bit confusing.>>

     Surface world should do, I think. Or Inner World, if you want to exclude
the weird stuff in the Outer World.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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