GloranthaCon VII

Date: Wed 27 May 1998 - 01:04:59 EEST

First, I'd like to apologize for all the confusion surrounding
GloranthaCon, I should have pushed Issaries Inc. harder for dates,
information, etc. I feel that I let down a significent part of the
Glorantha Community.

I'd like to thank our Seminar presenters, Game Masters, and the Demo team
for their solid performance in the face of the Program Book from Hell. From
what I heard, Hero Wars was a hit not only among the GloranthaCon guests,
but a number of the general Gamex populace as well. Robin and Greg are
evaluating the feedback given by the Demo players and GMs, and will be
making changes as needed.

The auction raised over $500 for Issaries, and made our youngest guests
happy (though they now need to learn German and French to understand the
gaming materials they bought).

Roderick Robertson
GloranthaCon Events Coordinator


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