From: Steve Rennell (
Date: Wed 27 May 1998 - 01:50:22 EEST

Hi All,

Something struck me today, and several times in the past, and is now irritating
enough for me to ask a question

What is the status of Prophecy? and as a related question, how widely is the
doctrine that Gods can't know the future spread?

It seems to me that if no one, not even the gods, can see the future, then
prophecy wouldn't get the same respect it does in the real world (amongst those
who believe that God does (or the gods do) know the future, and can reveal it
to his/her/their prophets).

More than once I've seen people use prophecy as a plot hook (no bad thing) or
justification for people doing strange things.

How does prophecy get any repect if people know that even God doesn't have a
clue what's going to happen next season?



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