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Date: Fri 29 May 1998 - 04:13:52 EEST

Xavier LLobet wondered

> I recently wanted to create a new charachter and I decided that it would
> be a bold Trowjang amazone from the distant island of the same name, in
> Teshnos. But the problem came when I noticed that I knew NOTHING about
> the God of these women, TOLAT.

Tolat is the same planetary body as Shargash (and in my campaign, the
Umathelan deity Dorgalat), and thus most likely shares some aspects.

I suspect all three of these gods originally had slash & burn agriculture
as their focus (i.e. destruction to gain fertility). As Dara Happa switched
to irrigated agriculture, this aspect of Shargash dropped away (he still
destroys to rebirth, but not crops). It's still quite important in
Umathela. And Trowjang is of suitable climate and population density for
slash & burn agriculture (shifting cultivation) if I remember correctly, so
I suspect this is part of what Tolat does. Perhaps Tolat kills males in
order that babies can be born.

Keep in mind that the planet is only in the sky half the time.

Philip Hibbs wondered

> Someone please remind me, where does it say that (to the Orlanthi) killing
> with a bow is murder?

Nowhere I can recall. In our games, murder is the crime of killing someone
and not telling anybody (usually called "secret murder" for clarity).

> I think I'll re-title my "Pagan Sorcery" rules as "Meldek Sorcery".

Pagan is what Malkioni call deists. Meldek is what Orlanthi call Malkioni.
Hope this clarifies.

Roderick Robertson apologized for Glorantha-Con VII.

Apologize for facilitating a fun time? Hey, there was lots of
disorganization, but it wasn't your fault (I was there when you told the
con staff about my game -- they were the ones that didn't keep track, and
they were the ones who didn't bother to schedule it in the first place).
And everyone I've talked to says they had a blast.

And if the Hero Wars sessions were anything like the one I ran, where half
the participants weren't up on Glorantha, but liked the game system and
were eager to buy background books, the con served its purpose.

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